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Umbrella Property Services is a collective of Quality tradesmen, that put you first!

Good tradesmen only recommend other good tradesmen, after all, it reflects on our own reputation.

You often find groups or 'packs' of different trades that recommend each other and often

work on the same property together, this has long been the case and is part of the fabric

of our working society. We have taken this up a notch by forming a company structured

in such a way that you can have the benefit of the friendly cost effective

tradesman that gives you the personal touch along with the reassurance of having

a structured business behind him, to help prevent problems and resolve them if they crop up,

to offer help if the job is too big for one tradesman or if things change along the way,

and if you project needs several trades then you can benefit from having them all on

one phone number without the high costs of the big companies,

we will help co-ordinate things and take the pressure off you,

trust, quality and reliability is what we stand for, so you can feel assured of

the standard you will receive. Weather a small job in your home or a complete renovation

or extension. We all have pride in our work and value our reputation.

So you really can find it all under one Umbrella!

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